Starkey Hearing Technologies is the leader in custom manufacturing with over 30 years experience delivering first-class products, we are proud to offer the best custom solutions
on the market

Our made-for-you mentality
is behind every hearing aid we create

It’s crafting our hearing aids one at a time that has made Starkey Hearing Technologies a world leading manufacturer. Custom fittings and proprietary open vent options, combined with our industry-leading feedback cancellation, result in custom instruments that deliver an accurate fitting with superior comfort and performance on patients you never thought possible.

At Starkey, we know the art & science of hearing better than anyone else

Walk through Starkey and you’ll see hundreds of technicians creating hearing
devices for patients. In fact, we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry while still maintaining the industry’s highest standards for quality. When more challenging problems arise, our technicians collaborate with our Centre For Excellence to develop the best hearing solution for your patient.

An ongoing investment into the latest laser technology ensures we are always
at the fore-front of custom manufacturing. Starkey offer the widest range of shell colours and faceplate design. Scans are retained on file so a new aid can be built without the need for a new impression. All of our devices are tested clinically and in the real world to help you fit the most comfortable and personalised hearing aids on the market. Starkey is also known for our willingness to try difficult fittings when others won’t and we routinely solve challenging issues for patients referred by
our hearing professional partners.

Setting the standards
on feedback cancellation

Starkey is constantly redefining the standards for feedback cancellation that others can only follow. We have the best feedback cancellation system on the market, featuring the highest levels of added stable gain. This leading technology ensures wide fitting ranges and a fast response to more complex feedback using intelligent artefact elimination to prevent complex signal distortion.

Leveraging proprietary digital modelling and advanced micro-chip packaging techniques, minimizes overall size. But unlike other manufacturers we never compromise performance. Our skilled component placement ensures every
hearing aid is delivered with the highest gain available. So patients get
feedback-free superior performance in every listening environment.

Fit patients perfectly
the first time, every time.

Utilising data from millions of fittings, our Comfort Fit process guarantees a
custom match. Starkey applies information captured from fitting millions of ears
to bring the comfort and performance of custom products to a whole new world of hearing aid users. By combining this data-rich intelligence with breakthrough features like our proprietary open venting options and industry-leading feedback cancellation, we’re able to guarantee our custom hearing aids match your
patients perfectly — from the very first fitting.

100% Invisible. 100% Amazing.

Leveraging on our expertise in custom products, microelectronic packaging,
feedback performance and noise management, Starkey have brought a revolutionary new style of custom hearing solution to the market – the Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC). Unlike other deep insertion products that use dated analogue technology, this
digital, custom and invisible solution quickly became the most in-demand
product in the market.

The IIC lives in the second bend of the ear for complete invisibility and enhanced audibility. The placement in the second bend of the ear canal, combined with venting, reduces occlusion issues and takes advantage of audio cues from the pinna for natural sound quality.

Continuously innovating
smarter technologies

More options. More features.
More tools designed to enhance your relationship with patients.
That’s what you can expect when you partner with Starkey.

Our relentless pursuit of hearing aid perfection generates a constant flow of innovative solutions specifically designed to improve the hearing lives of your patients, and the fitting process for you. Our patient-proven approach ensures each and every one we release solves a specific need. With Starkey custom products, you can deliver more performance, more comfort, and more personalisation to patients than ever before.

It’s what matters most to them, it’s what matters most to you,
and it’s the only thing that matters to us.

That's why #starkeyiscustom